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Introduction to TypeScript 2

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About this course

Want to write organized code for your website that you can easily manage and maintain? TypeScript is the answer to building scalable web applications. TypeScript lets you write JavaScript the way you want to. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. It works on Any browser. Any host. Any OS. TypeScript is open source and has attracted the attention of a big community of web developers who are continuously contributing to the wealth of the language making it the language for web development. TypeScript brings all the next-generation features of ECMAScript 6 like Arrow Functions, Decorators, Generics, Modules and Interfaces. In this course, you’ll learn all the basics of TypeScript and will have hands-on using features of TypeScript such as types, optional static types, classes, interfaces, and modules. You will learn how TypeScript has solved many issues developers have suffered from with JavaScript. You will learn how TypeScript has made web development more fun and easier. You will be doing all this using the most recent released version of the language TypeScript 2.3.

This course will cover all you need to know to get up and running and start building functional websites using TypeScript 2.3

We assume that you have a general understanding of either JavaScript or another programming language. This course will not teach you JavaScript or the fundamentals of programming so if you haven’t programmed before, be sure to set aside extra time so you can explore some basic concepts and skills that may be foreign to you. Object Oriented Programming (OOP ) experience is not required but is a big plus to understand concepts like classes and inheritance in TypeScript. Familiarity with HTML is also very helpful for this course.

If you are familiar with JavaScript, many of the concepts in TypeScript will be familiar but we’ll cover some concepts that may be new to you and show you how TypeScript can enhance your JavaScript programming.

Knowing TypeScript is becoming more and more a must have skill for web development since many of the web development libraries now are using TypeScript. For example, TypeScript is a must when it comes to using Angular 2 in a web application. TypeScript also can be used in server-side applications. Knowing TypeScript is your way to become a full stack developer. Therefore, if you are considering a career in web development, TypeScript is an important gear in your tool box or skillset.

What you’ll learn

  • Types in TypeScript
  • Programming in TypeScript
  • Modules and Namespaces
  • Advanced Topics in TypeScript

Estimate Time : 18 hours


  • Basic Knowledge of JavaScript
    Basic Knowledge of OOP concepts
    Basic Knowledge of HTML

Module 1 | Getting Started With TypeScript

  • Learn about The TypeScript language, why it was created, and the history of TypeScript.
  • Learn the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript.
  • Learn about the TypeScript compiler.

Module 2 | Programming and Types in TypeScript

  • Learn about types in TypeScript compared to JavaScript.
  • Know the basic types in TypeScript.
  • Know the complex types in TypeScript.
  • Learn about type compatibility.
  • Learn about type inference.
  • Learn about type assertion.
  • Learn about Functions and Function types in TypeScript.

Module 3 | Modules and Namespaces

  • Know about namespaces in TypeScript
  • Know about modules in TypeScript
  • Know the difference between namespaces and modules and which one to use.
  • Learn how to work with JavaScript libraries in your TypeScript project.

Module 4 | Advanced Typics

  • Learn about advanced types in TypeScript like generators and iterators, intersections and unions, type guards and generics
  • Learn about advanced compiler techniques like configuring VSCode builds, the tsconfig and minification and combining JS
  • Learn about advances classes like mix-ins and compositional classes.
  • Learn about decorators
  • Learn about optional module loading
  • Learn how to call web services.

Marwa Hussein is a Content Developer at Microsoft. Marwa has worked in Microsoft as a software developer for about 4 years before she switched her focuses to the education track at Microsoft. Before Microsoft, Marwa worked for 7 years on creating and teaching computer science courses for undergraduate students. Marwa is passionate about teaching and believes that learning is a continuous journey for a person to grow and flourish.

Drake is a Senior Full Stack Architect and team lead primarily focused in JavaScript engineering, UX architecture, and front-end development. He has been involved in the architecture of many enterprise-level projects such as Sling Television, TransUnion SmartMove, and Pocketgov for the City and County of Denver. His specialties include Angular, Node.JS, and React.

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