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Data Analyst

The ability to analyze data properly, communicate data analysis results, and make an impact with data is a critical skill today.

By learning the fundamentals of data analysis, including visualization, descriptive and inferential statistics, and using logic for querying data sets, you will be ready to take on any data set. At the end of the Microsoft Training in Data Analysis, you will know how to tell great data stories, analyze data in the context of different organizations and industries, and deliver data analysis in context of employment in its many forms.

You will Learn:

  • Get Started with Data Analysis
  • Analyze Data using Statistics
  • Create Basic Data Visualizations
  • Pivot and Manipulation Data
  • Query Relational DataBuild Descriptive Analytics Models and Visualizations
  • Communicate Data Insights
  • Apply Data Analysis Methods in Context of Organizational and Industry-specific Scenarios

Courses: 9 Professional Programs

Effort: ave 8-16 hours per course

Certification: Participation

Prerequisite: None

The Program

This program provides a comprehensive curriculum, featuring courses that teach the skills necessary for a career in Data Analysis.

Course 1: Data Analysis: A Practical Approach for Absolute Beginners
Course 2: Essential Math for Data Analysis using Excel Online
Course 3: Data Visualization: A Practical Approach for Absolute Beginners

Course 1: Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel
Course 2: Querying Data with Transact-SQL
Course 3a: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel
Course 3a: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI


Course 1: Applied Data Analysis: Working in Organizations and Industries
Course 2: Analytics for Storytelling Impact
Course 3: Ethics and Law in Data and Analytics

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