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Microsoft Professional Program

To support companies in their desire to be more agile, the lines between development and operations are becoming increasingly blurred. Through continuous integration and deployment, students will learn how to react to changing market conditions. In a world where your audience taste can change on a dime, ensure audience happiness by learning about application monitoring and feedback loops.

Built with the focus of what you need you need to work in DevOps, the Microsoft Training will help you learn the skills necessary for a DevOps culture in your workplace.

You will Learn:

  • DevOps Practices and Principles
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous
  • Deployment
  • Configuration Management
  • Testing in Continuous Delivery Pipelines
  • Database Integration in Continuous Delivery Environments
  • Application Monitoring
  • Architecting Apps

Courses: 9 Courses

Effort: ave 8-16 hours per course

Certification: Participation

Prerequisite: None

The Program

This comprehensive curriculum features courses that are presented in a suggested order that builds your skills as you advance through the courses. While the order is a suggestion, you are free to take the courses in any order that you wish.

DevOps Professional Program – Curriculum Overview

Course 1: DevOps Practices and Principles
Course 2: Infrastructure as Code
Course 3: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
Course 4: Configuration Management for Containerized Delivery
Course 5: DevOps Testing
Course 6: DevOps for Databases
Course 7: Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops
Course 8a: DevOps for Mobile Apps
Course 8b: Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications

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