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Today, life is TOUGH!!!

We live in a very competitive market today, where companies are expecting more and more from their Human Resources.  Plus the growth and development of technology today is so fast that many find it difficult to keep up

Here at CSA, we would like to help Professionals like you, to stay relevant and prove your competencies with certification.  Let us provide you one place for your training needs.

Professional Content

Professional Content are contents developed by professionals for professionals.  One of the best ways of learning is through other people experiences so that we don’t need to make the same mistake as them.

These contents are usually fast, accurate, and to the point of the skills currently needed in the Industry

Vendor Content

In many industry, especially the ICT industry, vendors own their own technology and normally develop learning materials for their customer requirements and industry relevance.

Microsoft is a leading IT vendor that believes in learning and has spent a lot of time and money of developing learning courses and certification for professional recognition that has become industry standards. And teaches from A to Z.

Industry Content

The training industry is very old, and was develop from the necessity of professionals needing to up skill or learn new skills.

Industry content is similar to vendor content but has a more holistic approach and flexibility when it comes to training professionals and also embedding real world experiences.

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